Spirulina Benefits – The “Super-est” Superfood?!?

The term Superfood had been thrown around quite loosely as of late. Pretty much every fruit and vegetable it seems has garnered this label. It may have even been used to promote Hershey’s dark chocolate bars…I mean, c’mon! But if you’re looking for a true superfood – one that can actually go a long way toward replacing your daily multi-vitamin – then look no further than spirulina.  This freshwater blue-green algae is quite possibly the most nutritionally rich superfood out there.

Spirulina benefits are vast, and it is possibly the most nutritionally complete food on the planet. Primarily, it is an excellent source of complete protein and numerous phytonutrients which act as powerful antioxidants. It is abundant in chlorophyll, which cleanses the body of toxins and heavy metals that we are exposed to every day.

Here are some of the specific details on spirulina:  

It is 70% protein and contains all the essential amino acids, making it a unique vegetarian source of complete protein. Better yet, its protein is 95% digestible compared to meat sources which are estimated to be only 20% digestible. Spirulina is the perfect source of high quality protein that’s easy on the body. It also contains enzymes, which naturally assist in the digestion process. Spirulina is one of the highest natural food sources for beta-carotene, which is essential for a strong immune system. It is also an excellent source of B vitamins. This nutritious food
contains vitamin E, a highly bioavailable source of iron, and 14 naturally chelated minerals and trace elements.
Spirulina is a rich source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which is a precursor for the body’s prostaglandins, the master hormones necessary for many essential body functions. GLA is important for growth, development
and proper immune function. Next to mother’s milk, Spirulina is the highest whole-food source of this important compound.


We recommend making this super-food part of your diet by starting slowly and increasing as desired. Two teaspoons is usually the recommended serving size, but many people take up to four teaspoons. There is no right or wrong way to take Spirulina. It is a whole food, so it is not harmful for anyone in any amount. Many moms introduce this food to their babies to give them a powerful source of nutrition as they grow up. The powder is perfect for making delicious fruit smoothies or sprinkling on steamed vegetables. It’s great shaken into almond milk if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to eat it.

To get spirulina benefits for yourself, Vital Endurance has found some excellent Organic Spirulina Powder for you.

organic spirulina powder
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