Vital Endurance is… An Important and Lasting Lifestyle. Learn the best and latest knowledge on healthy living.

The objective is to distill all the crazy ‘tips’ you encounter about nutrition, exercise and health into simple points that really work. Then, you can begin to change your life. 

You have the ability to create a healthy life for yourself. You are the final determination of success or failure in that endeavor. Vital Endurance is the raw material to build success. It’s up to you to gather all your faculties and tools – and start building.

What’s the Meaning of This?

Alright, let’s break it down… If Vital Endurance is the raw material for building a healthy life, then what are the components of that raw material?

Vital” means necessary for life or the source of life. It also means something necessary for well-being; indispensable; essential. And it means something that is of critical importance to existence or truth. Finally, and most inspiring, it means having remarkable energy, liveliness, or force of personality.

Endurance” means the ability or strength to continue or last – especially despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions; stamina; lasting quality

With the raw materials presented here, you can build a long and strong life full of well-being while having the critical energy to face and resist adversity and stressors.

These materials are focused on the following 3 Essential Enhancements we need in order to achieve Ultimate Health:

Clean Nutrition – is a balanced approach to nutrition. Focusing on a “clean” diet works regardless of your food ethics and preferences – though you should be inspired to make some changes! This is a big-picture approach that doesn’t promote any certain products or diets. Instead, you learn new ways of looking at what you put into your body.

Multi Movement – comes from the knowledge and practice of holistic fitness. It will help the true beginner along with the seasoned athlete. Every aspect of creating optimal function for the physical body must be addressed. Some of it is easy and some is hard, but it’s the only way to completely transform you physically.

True Awareness – the “inner game” of healthy living. It includes setting up your thoughts, actions and environment for optimal wellness. It’s also what helps you create a lifestyle that you can stick with. This is the essential enhancement that most longevity and health advice just doesn’t include.

Who’s Behind All This?

Okay, your critical brain might be thinking – that’s all well and good, but what are this person’s ‘qualifications’ who is presenting this information? That’s a fair question…

Eric DeanMy piece of paper on the wall is a Bachelor of Science in International Business Marketing.

My nutrition knowledge has been honed from years working in the natural foods industry. I was the Marketing and Event Planner for a very large natural food store in a place that attracted some of the best minds and practitioners in the world of health and healing. It was my job to schedule presentations and educational events – bringing together doctors, holistic practitioners and nutritionists for the benefit of the store’s customers and employees. Oh, and to throw wine and beer tasting parties… We all need perks.

Before you poo-poo that qualification, you should know that I did not drink the natural food store cult Kool-Ade (just the wine and beer). I feel that there are many products lurking on the shelves of these stores that can be downright dangerous. Instead, I kept my eyes and my mind open during that time and met some fantastic people. Some became incredible mentors who have surrounded and supported me.

I supplemented all that activity by reading thousands of articles, books, websites and research papers on healthy living. I’ve also watched untold numbers of documentaries and live presentations. And I continue daily exploration in this field.  It’s amazing to see many of the health guidelines I studied and used 20 years ago that were considered fringe to now be “proven” and part of the mainstream – and also things that were touted as healthy that turned out to be simply bogus profiteering.

All throughout this time, I’ve also been a competitive endurance athlete. I’ve always been driven, and I love competition. But my athletic prowess didn’t come from genetics… There I was held in the slightly above average zone. So I used my obsessive focus on nutrition and training to fuel 21 (and counting) years of bicycle racing – reaching the elite amateur level of the sport. And more recently, for the last 6 years, I’ve competed in elite masters running races.

To further make up for my lack of athlete genes, I’ve studied and practiced yoga for over 15 years, I’ve used weight and strength training, and consulted with numerous professional athletes and trainers. All along the way I’ve been taking notes and then putting them to the test.

I owned and operated a bicycle retail store for 13 years, and now I also own and operate a bicycle facility called Kolo Bike Park where I teach mountain bike skills, hold races and rent bikes.

It’s also helped tremendously that I live, work and compete in a place that’s a magnet for health & fitness – attracting an amazing quality of athletes, practitioners and healers
– Asheville, NC.

EK_Bike Race_2
That picture is me at age 46…still racing and beating guys half my age!

Why Should Anyone Care?

Here’s a reality test for you… Does your breath fog the mirror when you get up close and exhale? Okay, then you have a life. You’re part of this reality – like it or not. But a lifestyle is different. Here, you get to use freewill and choose. And again – like it or not – your lifestyle choices directly affect you as well as the people and world around you. Maybe you don’t believe that. If that’s the case, I venture to call you cynical and then work to change your mind.

Imagine everything that exists in society… (an object, art, media, garbage). It all originated from the thoughts and actions of some individual. Then it became part of humanity. This “object” is essentially an energy form that has the potential to affect all of us. It’s come time to think of ourselves and collective humanity holistically. We’re all one being affecting everything that is, was or will be. Find your own way to reconcile that with your religion and politics… But, it’s the true path to healing ourselves and our environment.

So…get it together! Clean up your nutrition. Move your body. Get your mind straight. Don’t contribute to the things that are poisoning humanity, ruining our Earth and keeping us oppressed, confused, in the dark and afraid. Let’s get beyond that. Don’t buy what the corporate greed-mongers and political shills are selling. It all starts with YOU! Wake up! Make small changes until you become a badass for kindness and positivity…then live it, love it and share it.

The only chance we have at knowing is if we pull our collective head out of our collective ass and see the light. I ass(ure) you that’s the only way for something far better (and less smelly) to happen than the current path we’re on together. What do you want to contribute to? …Release yourself to the light side, and we’ll all see a vastly different world before us.

That’s why Vital Endurance is bright and cheery. We’re staying away from that dark and smelly place. You won’t find fear here!

Vital Links

Here’s a little bonus for those of you who have kept up and read to this point. Yes, it’s an amazing resource and reference page. Here you’ll find lots of different rabbit holes to explore, products that I personally use and highly recommend, and many of the foundation sources of the Vital Endurance philosophy.

Of course, the best way to prepare yourself for the vast journey available on the page is to first read the Vital Endurance Ebook. That way you’ll have a solid background, so you’re not walking into the room with your fly unzipped. That’s why I waded through volumes of information like this in the first place and wrote the book for you – to protect you from embarrassment. Let the book be your guide through Wonderland. The book, I stand behind fully… With the Vital Links, you’re on your own.

For People Who Still Don’t Get It

So you know… The content provided on VitalEndurance.com is intended only for educational and information purposes. It is based on observations, opinions and gathered data.
It is not meant to diagnose, prevent or treat any health conditions or diseases. Nothing on this website should be taken as direct medical advice.
Please consult with a qualified health practitioner if you have any specific questions about your own personal medical care or history.

I invite you to stick around to learn and grow with Vital Endurance. Simply sit back, relax and breathe…

Thanks for caring!
Vital Endurance


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