True Awareness

True AwarenessOpening your mind to what is essential in building a healthy lifestyle

There is so much to know in this world – not to mention the universe. My, now there’s a mind-blower! Seriously though…Could anyone ever know all there is to know in the world, and who would really want to?!? Why are we so awash in stuff to know that never amounts to any matter in our lives? What is important? You want to get through the noise and distractions!

True Awareness is the component that most health and fitness gurus miss in their work to get you more healthy and fit.

The opportunity for a complete healthy lifestyle is inextricably tied to certain universal truths. Everyone who seeks true health must spend some time working in this realm as well. It’s the inner game of healthy living.

It’s like the fact you already know… Eating more kale and having Clean Nutrition won’t give you the ability to run 10 miles… You need to practice and build up to running 10 miles – and that’s that! But having a great diet may help you feel better while training, allow you recover faster and ultimately get you to your 10 mile goal quicker. Much in the same way that gaining fitness can be a great motivator to clean up your diet and focus on the fuel you give your body.

Well, consider the challenge that strong connection to God, or spiritual enlightenment…or whatever it is you personally seek, is enhanced by taking great care of your physical body. And the physical and spiritual are further bolstered with the proper attitude, focus, and clarity of lifestyle choices.

It’s a big synergy, and the information you can gain from True Awareness will contribute together with your nutrition and movement to put you on a powerful path to a complete healthy lifestyle.

Do You Consider Yourself a Truth-Seeker?

Do you ever wonder

healthy livingwhat is the best way to attract more good into your life?

healthy livinghow to keep the negative away?

healthy livinghow to have great ideas just come to you?

healthy livingthe way to feel constantly inspired and motivated?

healthy livingwhat you need to avoid for a completely healthy life?

Well, it’s all about tuning into the proper energies. Creating yourself as a force that attracts what you want and repels what does not serve you – just like a magnet.

true awarenessSo, what makes a magnet work exactly?
Is it magic? Is it a prayer? Or is it a specific kind of energy that attracts a certain kind of matter?

That’s not really the important part to know why the magnet works… What’s more important is the fact that it does – every single time – when the right conditions are met. The conditions are what matter!

So if you’ve already been doing your magnet work and haven’t found the results you’re looking for, Vital Endurance can show you the best ways to increase your awareness and intuition. Not only is how to attract the positive and repel the negative put together in a complete and unique way called True Awareness, but you can heighten your abilities by incorporating Clean Nutrition and Multi Movement. …Vital Endurance is the total package.

A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison. ~Francis Bacon

Are you ready to get True Awareness and discover how it fits into The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle? …Continue learning here.

To Your Health!

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