Clean Nutrition

clean nutritionAhhh, clean eating. What we put in our bodies stirs emotion in many people…There seems to be so much strife and confusion about the subject.

Most people say, “Does clean nutrition really matter?”, others think, “I’ve got it all figured out…and I take my Centrum every day.”, or perhaps, “Don’t take away my CheesyPoofs and SnackyCakes…because I’ve gotta die of SOMETHING, right? …might as well enjoy myself before I do!”

The problem is that those are manufactured lies. Those kinds of statements come from a place of uncertainty, apathy or addiction. And it’s not a problem with you individually, it’s a systemic problem with our culture. Food is a powerful thing! And those giant corporations that stand to profit VASTLY from selling you their “foods”, have figured out just how to keep you coming back for more.

Now either… Your scam radar is on, and all defenses are up! Or maybe you’re nodding your head slightly in reserved agreement. But either way, you’re skeptical – if you’re still here at all… Maybe you’re thinking, “What is THIS website going to tell me that isn’t mis-informed, confusing or I don’t already know?”

A Little Test for You

Ask yourself honestly if your body can perform all of these functions with very little difficulty, consistently (as in – it’s your most common state) and without the assistance of any drug.

Can your body

healthy livingBoost its energy and vitality on demand?

healthy livingHave plenty of endurance for all its activities?

healthy livingBe mentally sharp and focused?

healthy livingHeighten and sustain its concentration and awareness?

healthy livingMaintain proper digestion without bloating and gas?

healthy livingEliminate congestion and inflammation?

healthy livingMaintain a stable weight that allows for full functional movement?

healthy livingMaximize its self-healing and recovery potential?

healthy livingRun, jump, twist, bend on demand?

These should be your ‘default states’ of being. Your body should be able to achieve all of these states with very little effort, and well into old age.

For many people, this is inconceivable. But there are many living legend examples who I’ve interacted with regularly. A few may have arrived at that status with certain genetic advantages or sheer force of will. But for the most part, people achieve these constant body states with ease by living an exceptional lifestyle.

And I can tell you from certain experience that all of these things happen when you clean up your nutrition, by eating healing foods and eliminating certain bad diet and lifestyle practices… And maybe most importantly – balancing the body, mind, spirit.

The inner game of nutrition does start and finish with you. You’re the one who needs to assimilate and implement. But you also need True Awareness and Multi Movement. That’s where it all comes together…to get and keep you on the path to Clean Nutrition.

It’s cleaning up your nutrition in a balanced way that can work with any body type, diet, and even food preferences (mostly) – as long as you’re not addicted to those CheesyPoofs and SnackyCakes!

So, if you already know that you want to get right into the depths of clean nutrition, You can go now and get the eBook Vital Endurance: What Every Truth Seeker Needs for a Healthy Life. If you want to pick up some more ideas for yourself first, then keep on reading here…

The Scientific Research

It’s loaded with proof of how proper clean nutrition can heal. There are ample studies, for example, showing that a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables protects against heart disease and cancer. And that’s just the easy stuff most people would claim to know already. It’s downright cliche, right?!? …’Eat your veggies!’

Okay, so it’s only partially that simple… There IS a lot more to it – however, it doesn’t have to be so complicated and divisive. AND it doesn’t all have to do with ‘science’ as we have come to understand it… You might be offended, or think that’s a bold claim – but this is not an attack on science! Rather, it’s a linking of what’s generally accepted as proven with social, spiritual, environmental and personal development knowledge. Vital Endurance puts it together in a way that can benefit anyone to some degree – regardless of your background.

It is a process that takes some diligence. When it comes right down to it though, clean nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your Earthly body!

Don’t tolerate sub-optimal function from yourSELF. And don’t throw pills and drugs at it as masking agents (even ‘all-natural’ ones)! There is a better way

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates

clean nutrition

What Should You Do?

Well, do you know the opposite of clean nutrition? …That would be dirty, nasty crap that’s slowly fattening and sickening people. If you don’t know the number one condition responsible for all this disease, make sure you go sign up and watch this video… Really, go do it. We’ll all wait right here.

So, that video is a fact-based news expose reviewing the latest research on sugar over-consumption. This is a real problem with literally voluminous consequences, and it’s the kind of stuff that should be in the news and commanding people’s attention. But the news and the supposed information that most of us are subjected to are even smaller snippets of part truths. All you ever see are headlines like:

These Five Foods will Shrink Belly Fat

Top 10 SuperFoods

5 Ways to Burn More Calories During Exercise

Lose Fat Now – Top Ten Ways

Don’t Ever Eat this One Food if You Want…A Slim Waist, Fitness or Good Sex (pick one)

Easy Seated Exercises that will Help You Live Forever

…Okay, maybe not that last one. Just want to see if you’re still reading.

Further Your Knowledge

Anyway, if you want to further your knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner, go and get yourself a copy of the eBook – Vital Endurance: What Every Truth Seeker Needs for a Healthy Life.  It’s packed with more great information to take you to the next level. You can also read more about The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle.

If you feel like you’re on a path to Clean Nutrition, and you want to kick it into overdrive, check out our info on Intermittent Fasting.

To Your Health!

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