Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Don’t Like the Dentist?  …Well, there are Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Pain that You can Learn RIGHT NOW!

Many of the habits that you’ve practiced since childhood – and even care advice from your dentist – might not be the most healthy ways to take care of your mouth. Not only are there home remedies for tooth pain that are non-invasive and natural, but you can also:

  • Cure Cavities
  • Whiten Your Teeth
  • Have Fresh Breath
  • Reverse Gum Disease
  • Eliminate Plaque Buildup

…all without spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars while anxiously sitting in the dentist chair.

Home remedies for tooth pain
With proper care and knowledge, you can skip the dentist altogether.

Now, most dentists are not bad people, but they are part of a big money system that is rigged to sell procedures and keep you coming back regularly.

It may interest you to know that before a tooth shows signs of decay it suffers from what dentist call ‘white spot lesions’. The affected tooth will have a soft, wax-like texture with a white appearance. This is the ‘pre-decay’ stage. What your dentist won’t tell you is that it can be reversed naturally. With constant re-mineralization, the tooth will repair itself to its normal state. However, since most people aren’t aware that it can be reversed, dentists will just tell you that you have a ‘cavity’ and tell you it needs to be filled.

Check out this dental infographic for more oral health myth-busting:

Home remedies for tooth pain
Here’s one more quick tip… Soft drinks are the number 1 enemy to our teeth. “Cavity-causing bacteria uses sugar as an energy source to multiply and release acid as a by-product, which causes demineralization. Now soft drinks like Coca-Cola are highly acidic due to their high content of phosphoric acid. These drinks may quench your thirst with satisfaction, as the bubbles run down your throat, but your teeth are suffering.

Okay, are you really suffering from tooth pain right now and want a solution?

If you want to avoid the standard “drill and fill” or the even worse “root canal”, there’s a great new book from Alice Barnes called “Dentist Be Damned“. It teaches readers a complete program about how to properly re-mineralize teeth (and reverse any possible cavities) and also eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. It will educate you on many topics which most dentists will never let the public know. You can finally cut down unnecessary dental expenses and save thousands with this invaluable program. If you have a fear of the dentist, this program is your savior.

Click to: Take Care of Your Teeth Naturally

You have the power to take control of your own health and create great change in your life. You simply need to gain knowledge and take action…You can do it.

To Your Health!
Eric Dean
Vital Endurance

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