The Best Reasons To Practice And Learn Yoga

Should you learn yoga? Maybe you’ve discovered some of the benefits of yoga or tried a couple classes. But did you know that with the proper practice, yoga can dramatically improve your life on many levels?

learn yogaRecent studies have shown what ancient cultures believed to be true. When subjected to the scrutiny of modern science and exercise physiology, yoga has proven to be one of the single best exercises you can do for overall health.

Excerpted from the book, “Vital Endurance: What Every Truth-Seeker Needs to Live a Healthy Life”


“There are many modalities of yoga. But a complete yoga practice can address each of the four basic elements of Multi Movement – mainly flexibility and balance, but also strength and a bit of endurance – depending on the type of yoga you do.

There are yoga practices for every level. You don’t need to be limber to enjoy the benefits of yoga. You don’t need to force your body into stressful positions. It should never be about straining or forcing. Yoga is not a competition to see who is the most flexible. It’s a self-awareness practice that tunes and synchronizes your body, mind and spirit through movement, stillness and breath.

Yoga retrains your mind and your nervous system giving you the ability to relax much more quickly in any given situation. Yoga is not simply an exercise; it is a powerful tool for personal development. Therefore, it is considered a foundation of the Vital Endurance Lifestyle.

Other proven health benefits of yoga are:

  • stimulates blood flow throughout the entire body and stabilizes blood pressure
  • relieves stress by calming the nervous system
  • strengthens the mind/body connection to improve body awareness
  • improves mental clarity and cognitive function
  • changes the expression of your genes toward positivity and health
  • prevents injury and improves focus for your athletic activities

All that has been shown to lead to less cravings, better immunity, better sleep, better posture, and better sex.

Did something get your attention yet? So, get yourself one of those sticky yoga mats, and…”


So, I’ve found some further information on yoga practice that can help you develop properly. With this information, you can transform your body and learn yoga designed to give you the best overall fitness and health benefits.

Here’s some more information that you can check out if you’re ready to get started…


You have the power to create great change in your life. You can feel good about yourself on so many levels… It’s just a matter of tuning in and taking action. You can do it.

To Your Health!
Eric Dean
Vital Endurance

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