5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors

5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors

Source: 5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors – Health and Lifestyle News

The Vital Endurance lifestyle includes a component of fitness we call Multi Movement. This is partially based on what is known as functional fitness in some circles. But what it really amounts to is that your body is fit for all types of movement Рnot just cardio, just strength or just flexibility but a good balance of all these Рoh, and good actual balance too.

Doing body weight exercises outdoors as outlined in the linked article is a great step toward total body fitness. This is the type of fitness that is a component of The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle.

Just for the record, the article photo here may be alluring, but the swayed spine is really poor form! For good push ups and plank exercise, you need to keep your shoulders, back, butt and legs all aligned – like a plank… Try it!

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