Can You Just Take a Pill and Live Longer with Metformin?

Isn’t that what we all want? …just pop a pill and miraculously extend your lifespan. Well, some science is beginning to show that we might be able to do just that – live longer with Metformin.

The strange thing is this isn’t some new miracle drug. It’s been around as a treatment for type 2 diabetes for about 60 years. But researchers began to notice that diabetes patients would live longer with Metformin than even individuals without diabetes. This caught their attention because usually people with type 2 diabetes live about 8 years less than people without the disease.

So of course, folks began to do research on why this might be happening. Tests on certain worms and lab mice have shown to prolong lifespan and health in these animals. The tests were significant, because not only did these lucky test subjects age more slowly – they actually were more healthy during their lifetimes.

The drug works by suppressing glucose production in the liver and increasing insulin sensitivity. It may also work to increase the availability of oxygen to the cells allowing them to remain strong as they age.

Perhaps the drug shows such promise because it replicates what people do who are already living long and healthy lives. They severely reduce glucose production and insulin sensitivity by eating less sugar and other simple carbohydrates. And they boost the oxygen in their cells with proper exercise and breathing techniques.

Maybe we already have the miracle pill – it’s just that so few people are actually willing to swallow it.

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It’s possible now to have the health and “biological age” of someone who is 10-20 years younger. It just takes the proper knowledge and commitment.

Since you’re probably the type of person who is an action-taker and lives to learn, you certainly want to find out more about how to get The Ultimate Longevity┬áLifestyle… Just click that link and get started. Or sit around and grow old while you wait for the miracle pill. It’s all your choice.

And while you’re at it, you might also learn how to have more energy, look younger, have a sharp mind, control inflammation, and straight up live with more vitality. Are you ready for that?

To Your Health!

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