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Microwaves are bad! Here’s a classic example of conflicting evidence. Some folks wave around their “studies” that show how microwaves destroy the nutrients in food as well as our health. Others claim that this is over-hyped, fear-mongering.

Here’s a link that claims 5 Reason Why Microwaves are Bad… (Be sure to note the study size in the Swiss research about blood makeup.)

Here’s a link that shows Details About Microwave Use.

This link is from a very reliable source of info discussing if it’s okay to Microwave Your Food.

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Vital Endurance checks this knowledge nugget as: “My Lie Detector is Beeping

We just have to weigh-in on this topic a bit more… Yes, It’s true that you shouldn’t stand VERY close to a microwave while it’s working…However, there’s WAY less radiation coming from your microwave than what comes from your mobile phone while you’re holding it next to your head!! So, the notion that microwaves are unhealthy in your home is complete bunk!! On whether cooking with one harms your food… Well, EVERY form of cooking (heating) reduces nutrient value in food to some extent. microwaves are badYes, definitely don’t heat food in the microwave in plastic or paper containers – this will add toxins to your food – use glass & ceramic instead… But you wouldn’t heat food in plastic in the oven or stove – now, would you?? Okay, microwaves are not the best choice for cooking, but they are NOT a toxic “Nuke” scare that needs to be avoided at all costs either. If you use your microwave infrequently to gently warm food – you’ll be just fine!

NEVER cook in plastic. Never overheat your food in any way. Never hold your mobile phone up to your head for more than a couple minutes. Oh, yeah…and certainly stay away from those crappy, processed, packaged, frozen “meals”… These are FAR more pertinent bits of advice!!

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