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Check Your Vitals: Dumbbell Exercises

Check your vitals with this nugget… It seems that there 100 different dumbbell exercises you can do. While using dumbbells, you can move your body in many different ways. If you use a manageable weight, you can strengthen and tone all the stabilizer muscles along with your joints. Move your body with dumbbells…through complete ranges […]

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5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors

5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors Source: 5 Practical Cardio Exercises for Outdoors – Health and Lifestyle News The Vital Endurance lifestyle includes a component of fitness we call Multi Movement. This is partially based on what is known as functional fitness in some circles. But what it really amounts to is that your body is […]

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sitting is bad

Sitting is Bad for You!

Sitting has recently been dubbed ‘the new smoking’ because of its mounting bad effects on our health. We have become a population of chronic sitters, and it has come to light in several new research studies that our modern penchant for chairs and couches is yet another ill effect of civilization. By DIANA PILKINGTON for THE DAILY […]

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Want the Real Fountain of Youth? …Exercise!

Here’s a little study for you – in case you need some more motivation to get moving… by Drucilla Dyess for Keeping active may be the secret to staying young for both mice and men. Researchers from Canada’s McMasterUniversity discovered that endurance exercise could halt the aging process in a group of mice, even though […]

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