Check Your Vitals Quiz

Your vitals are more than just blood pressure, heart rate and whatever happens when you open up and say “Ahhhhh”.  A truly healthy person is measured by a much more involved set of “Vital” information.

So, we designed this quiz to assess some of the less examined Vitals for your health. Ask yourself each of these questions honestly. And sure, no one is 100% all the time. But think about your most common state or what you do consistently with very little difficulty.

These questions are rather simple and really just scratch the surface of complete wellness. But they are still complete enough to help you understand some of the most vital markers for health and wellness that anyone can develop and improve. It’s only 20 questions, so… Have fun!


Wow! You could be the picture of health and well-being. You have a good diet. You can move your body in many different ways – perhaps you’re even an athlete. You have a high emotional intelligence. You have strong relationships with other people and your environment. You’re highly adaptable, and you take action to develop yourself regularly.

Have you worked on yourself for a long time? Or are you still in a place where your body is young, and you feel like you’re invincible and know it all?

Well, if it’s the latter, you need to know that you won’t always be able to get away with just doing whatever and bouncing back to form. It will all catch up to you eventually! So, now’s a great time to begin learning what you’re going to need to keep yourself looking and feeling great as the years go by. Get started here: Explore Your Health Awareness and Discover Vital Endurance.

If you truly passed without the benefit of youthful resilience, I applaud you! You have a better understanding than most of your peers… But, this quiz is really just the foundation. Because of your refined lifestyle, you’re probably more ready than most to take a hard look at what’s truly vital for health. It’s time to step up to the next level of wellness.

To Your Health!
Eric Dean


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Okay, don’t fret… This test was designed to be difficult to pass. Most people don’t even come close to achieving all those ideal states of wellness.

But, it’s completely possible! I’m living proof… I’ve made it about a half century so far living in holistic wellness. And no, I’m not some monk, or uber-athlete, or obsessive dieter. I have fun, enjoy life thoroughly and live in balance. You can too! It does take a certain amount of diligence, self-control and new habits. But I promise you, with some new knowledge and dedication, you can come back and ace this test – no matter what your age!

Get Started Here: Explore Your Health Awareness and Discover Vital Endurance

To Your Health!
Eric Dean

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#1. I have plenty of energy – from the time I open my eyes in the morning until I go to bed at night

#2. At bed time I…

#3. For most of the day I…

#4. When it come times to concentrate I…

#5. My body weight…

#6. I catch a cold or flu…

#7. My fingernails are…

#8. If I’m sitting on the floor or ground, I get up by…

#9. You come to a flight of stairs, and you…

#10. How often do you experience joint pain, muscle cramps, spasms or twitches?

#11. How often do you feel anxiety?

#12. How frequently do you deal with acid reflux, stomach ache, bloating or constipation?

#13. What do you do when stress is mounting?

#14. When it’s time to remember or recall information…

#15. How often do you relax?

#16. Stand up with feet together. Lift one foot off the ground and gain your balance. Then close your eyes and begin to count the seconds…How long before you lose your balance?

#17. How many flat back with knees off the ground push-ups can you perform in a row?

#18. How often do you consume soft drinks and/or fruit juice (orange, apple, fruit “smoothies”, etc)?

#19. How many servings of unprocessed vegetables and/or fruits do you consume each day? – A serving is about 1 cup.

#20. How do you feel about this test?



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